Tuesdays with Dorie: Traditional Madeleines?

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This week Tara of Smells Like Home has chosen Traditional Madeleines on pages 166-168 from Baking: From My Home to Yours *. I’ve already baked Madeleines. Les véritables madeleines de Commercy have an egg-shaped mound in the middle, like this. With my recipe I got that result, not a tiny mound like on the picture left. I should have been warned! The picture on 167 in Baking: From My Home to Yours * shows one slightly shrunken cookie, the others lay flat on the table. Fate tooks its course.

The batter was meant for 12 large molds or 36 small molds. The batter was airy and tough after refrigerating and I had difficulties to put it into the molds. Although I didn’t fill the molds to top the batter ran together while baking.

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Although I greased the non sticking pan, I had difficulties to remove the madeleines. The didn’t look great, but the taste was good. I dunked them in coffee, the children in milk.

Verdict: The taste was good, but not overhelming, nothing to add about the look. The recipe fell my expectations.

Addition: This recipe works great, I expected something like this!

For more Madeleines and the recipe visit Tara of Smells Like Home and the blogroll at the Tuesday’s With Dorie website.

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