Weekend Herb Blogging #20 – Sprouted chick peas with orange

For a German event** I grow some sprouts on my window sill. I am totally surprised how fast the seed begins to germ. I didn’t know much about sprouts, so I decided to write about for the Weekend Herb Blogging event at Kalyn’s kitchen.

chick pea sprouts
Chick peas contain about 20 % protein and are an important addition to rice. If you sprout them the content of vitamin C increases many times the amount. A lot of vitamic C helps to avoid a cold. To boost my body’s defenses against the changing temperatures between 0 °C and 8 °C attended with lousy weather in the North of Germany I prepared

Sprouted Chick Peas with Orange

Sprouted Chick Peas with Orange

A very delicious salad full of vitamins.

For 4 servings you need:

200 grams sprouted chickpeas
3 oranges
100 grams onions, chopped
60 grams black olives, cut into rings if desired
1/2 lemon, the juice
1/2 orange, the juice
1 pinch salt
black pepper
1/2 tsp. honey
2 tbsp. olive oil

For the dressing mix lemon juice, orange juice, salt and pepper. Add the olive oil.
Steam the sprouted chick peas for 10 minutes, strain and mix with the dressing. Peel the orange including the white, quarter and cut into thin slices. Mix the orange slices, onions and olive with the sprouts and allow to infuse about 30 minutes. Season to taste and serve.

weekend herb blogging at Kalyn’s Kitchen ** 27.04.2021

** http://gaertnerblog.de/blog/?p=486 not longer available
** 27.04.2021 https://kalynskitchen.com/weekend-herb-blogging-20the-end-of/ no longer available

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  1. Kalyn (Gast)

    Loved This
    Okay, I am trying again with the comment. I love seeing WHB on a blog that’s only partly written in English. It shows again how people all over the world are interested in so many of the same things. Thanks for participating.


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