WHB #91: Lavender Sugar

Susan from FoodBlogga is hosting the 91st round of Weekend Herb Blogging. This week I focus on lavender. I have two kinds of lavender in my garden, the purple lavender and a paler variety.

©Lavendel 001 ©Lavendel 002

Lavender was once used for all sorts of cosmetic purposes and its heady fragrance scented not only Victorian parlours, bedrooms and drawing rooms. Linen chests and cupboards were perfumed with lavender sachets and lavender shrubs were often grown near the kitchen door so newly washed clothes could be spread over them to dry. It’s the traditional Victorian fragrance, which wards off mothes from clothes.

Oil of lavender rubbed on the skin is said to prevent midge and mosquito bites. Last year I used lavender leaves for a lavender lemonade, this year I seized KitchenMage’s idea of

Lavender Sugar

for WHB #51 27.04.2021 **>.

I mixed 100 grams sugar together with 2 tablespoons (about 4 grams) of lavender blossoms…

©Lavendelzucker 001

…and filled it into a jar. Now I have to wait 1 – 2 weeks

©Lavendelzucker 002

until the sugar absorbed the flavour. You can pass the sugar through a strainer to remove the buds or leave them in when you use it to sweeten tea, to make lavender ice cream or lavender crème brulée .

more recipes and entries in English

** 27.04.2021 https://kalynskitchen.com/whos-hosting-weekend-herb-blogging/; https://kalynskitchen.com/weekend-herb-blogging-51-recap/ no longer available

6 thoughts on “WHB #91: Lavender Sugar

  1. kalyn (Gast)

    I think I feel the same way about lavender as you do about cilantro. To me it just tastes like perfume. I tried to learn to love it by buying some lavender salt, but no luck. I do love the smell though!

  2. Susan from Food Blogga (Gast)

    This is fantastic, Ulrike! It sounds so sophisticated yet is so simple to make. I’ve only cooked with lavender once and it wasn’t too successful. So, I’m giving this one a go; I also want to try your lavendar lemonade for a refreshing summertime treat.

  3. John (Gast)

    I’m looking forward to 2 weeks when you will reveal how your sugar is. Great idea. I have mainly used vanilla & orange to flavour sugar before. Now I will hunt for some Lavender. Have used it to marinade salmon, which was great too. Love the German & English text.


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