Baking with Julia: Oasis Naan

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I ran out of bread for supper and spontaneously decided to bake with left-over spring onions just 4

Oasis Naans

Oasis Naan (1)

I halved the recipe and instead of cumin or caraway I used black onion seeds. Although I did my best to prick the center, I got a huge border.

Oasis Naan (2)

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8 thoughts on “Baking with Julia: Oasis Naan

  1. Ckay (Gast)

    A Winner!
    Hi Ulrike,
    Many thanks for your visit and comments.
    Your naans looks deliciously poof..ed!
    This dough is great!
    I’ve added some whole wheat flour and it was so yummy!
    I’ll do it again (maybe tomorrow?)!!

  2. Alice (Gast)

    i didnt leave a border, I docked the whole thing all over and while it still rose a bit, its like making focaccia bread – its in its nature to rise regardless of the docking… but yours looks realy great! :)


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