Blog Party#6: Retro Party

Retro Party I read about the blogparty at my fellowblogger Cindy’s site and Stephanie invited me to join in. This month theme is retro.

The first thought crossing my mind was

Toast Hawaii

Retro Party - Toast Hawaii

This dish was presented the first time 1955 in Germany at a tv cooking show. The pineapple makes it „Hawaii“, tins/cans were „modern“ at this time. And it was one of the first „meals“ I could do myself – some years later.

You can eat in in four bites and it’s classic.

You need for 4 servings:
4 slices sandwich bread
4 slices cooked ham
4 pineapple slices (tinned/canned)
4 processed cheese slices
chili powder. optional
candied cherries

Lightly butter the toasted bread, put one slice of cooked ham, pineapple and cheese on top and grill it until the cheese has melted. Decorate with one candied cherry.

And the cocktail is very easy Wodka-Martini, stirred not shaken.


Picture from

Shake the vodka and vermouth together with a number of ice cubes, strain into a cocktail glass, add the olive and serve.

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6 thoughts on “Blog Party#6: Retro Party

  1. Stephanie (Gast)

    This is a perfect Blog Party entry!

    And I have to admit, ‚retro‘ German food looks a lot like ‚retro‘ American food!

    Wonderful job, and thanks for coming to the party. I’ll have the round-up posted Saturday.

    May I ask where you are located? Northern part of the country?

  2. Stephanie (Gast)

    That’s quite North!

    Our German class (in high school) hosted an exchange program my junior and senior years. I can’t recall where our students were from, although Baden Wurttemberg sticks out in my mind.

  3. Zorra

    Sieht sehr appetitlich aus dein Toast. Muss ich auch wieder mal machen.

    Muss man zu der Party eigentlich eingeladen werden, oder kann jeder der einen Drink und ein Häppchen mitbringt vorbeischauen?

  4. Cyndi (Gast)

    Cyndi (Gast) – 2006/01/21 06:18
    I Remember Hawaii-Toast!
    When I first met my future husband in 1980, we were at the American Air Base outside of Frankfurt. Close by is Zeppelinheim, where we would go to a little food wagon that served bratwurst, currywurst, and Hawaii-Toast. I used to get it every time! Now I make something similar, called Hawaiian Quesadilla. I use swiss or emmentaler cheese, ham, and pieces of pineapple, but cooked inside a flour tortilla. Same ingredients, but cooked in a skillet instead of broiled. Your retro recipe definitely brought back memories!


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