18 thoughts on “Front Porch Party

  1. Kady (Gast)

    Life on Bonnie Lane
    It may not be a porch, but it is certainly lovely! That is a beautiful blue. You have a pretty front door also. I could picture sitting on these steps watching the world! I love the way describe what a porch does for a house: They give a friendly face to a house. This is a perfect way to describe porches!

  2. Edie Marie's Attic (ediemariesattic.blogspot.com)

    Front Porch
    Hi !
    Your front porch is beautiful! I love how the side walls curve outward. It is so amazing to see the difference in porches in other parts of the world. I have spent many an evening on the front steps of places I’ve lived in the past in America. No matter if it’s steps or porches it’s the ones we care for that sit with us that matter!
    Hugs from Ohio in the USA,

  3. Kim (Gast)

    Front Porch
    I could spend time on your steps, a good cup of coffee and a friend to chat with would make it perfect. I like the glass awning around your entrance to your home. Very nice home!

  4. Maryjane (Gast)

    Hello Ulricke!

    What a pleasure it is to visit you and see your sweet porch! „A house is a home where love dwells“! You have a lovely home!


    California, USA

  5. Theresa (Gast)

    Hi , this is my first visit to your blog. I used to live in Germany about 45 years ago. I was a teenager then. My father was in the service. I loved it there ! I met my husband there, he was in the service also. He says we had a fairytale romance when we were over there .
    I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I will be back .

  6. Sara (Gast)

    Ulricke – greetings from Southern California. I just came to visit via the front porch party at Rose Colored Glasses. Your little front porch is charming. I love the curved balustrade and the blue color. You actually have more of a front porch than I do here; unfortunately not all homes in America are graced with front porches.


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