How nostalgia tastes: Vanilla pudding not custard

Vanillepudding 008
Elli of Kitchen Wrench ( asks for recipes that evokes a sense of nostalgia. For me it’s vanilla pudding made from a ready mix: My first dish I cooked myself as a child. It’s also comfort food, that reminds me of my childhood and my home. I remember, that I felt homesick in the first flat of my own. I felt much better after cooking this pudding and eating it. Summer ends in Australia and in the north of Germany we have an awful winter day. The right occasion for

Vanilla pudding with orange sauce

Vanillepudding 007


It’s so easy, you just have to accord the instructions on the packet.

Vanillepudding 001 Vanillepudding 002 Vanillepudding 003
Vanillepudding 004 Vanillepudding 005 Vanillepudding 006

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6 thoughts on “How nostalgia tastes: Vanilla pudding not custard

  1. Barbara (Gast)

    Seeing the Dr. Oetker Pudding packet also reminded me of home. I never heard of the combination of Pudding and orange sauce. My mom always put apples or pears under the pudding. What kind of orange sauce is it?
    My food „from home“ has to be Vanillekipferl. I cannot imagine Christmas without them. It took me many attempts to find the right flour so they looked and tasted like home.

  2. Freya (Gast)

    Ulrike, I think the nearest we have to this would be Angel Delight which is a powder that you mix up with milk. It comes in various flavours, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Vanilla and you used to get it served at school with Dream Topping (basically, fake cream!). I loved it in school but not so much now.
    Lovely article!

  3. Ellie at

    I’m a bit the same with aeroplane jelly :) It’s just jelly from a packet, but I used to eat it as a kid and even now just thinking of it makes me feel like I’m 5 again :)


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