One-Bite Cinnamon Puffs

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One-Bite Cinnamon Puffs

One-Bite Cinnamon Puffs

They where absolutely delicous. I had no sanding or pearl sugar on hand, so I sprinkled with powdered sugar after baking. This gave just a hint of sweetness, that went well with the hint of cinnamom. I made half the recipe and ended up with 34

When I read the recipe, I resisted getting a saucepan dirty, then the paddle attachment and the bowl from the stand mixer, plus a piping bag. In the middle of the 70s of the last century – when I was very young – I learned to make choux pastry with a stirring spoon and teaspoons. Now a small ice cream scoop is more convenient.

stirring spoon and ice cream scoop

I weighed water, milk, butter, salt and cinnamon directly into the saucepan.

all ingredients in the saucepan

When the butter is melted, add the flour all at once, grab the stirring spoon and begin beating. Beat until you’ve got a dough that pulls away from the pan and leaves a film on the bottom about 4 minutes.

one bite cinnamon puffs dough adding eggs

Remove pan from heat, cool slightly so that an added egg does not curdle immediately, about 2-3 minutes.

one bite cinnamon puffs dough adding eggs

Add the eggs one at a time, beating for a minute with the stirring spoon after each goes in. Beat in the egg white, you’ll have a smooth, shiny dough.

smooth shiny one bite cinnamon puffs dough

Scoop out the dough, leave a scant inch between the mounds.

34 mounds of one-bite cinnamon puffs dough

Now would be the perfect time to sprinkle the puffs with sanding or pearl sugar. Bake the puffs for 25 minutes. Turn off the oven, open the door a crack and hold it open with a wooden spoon. Let the puffs dry for about 15 minutes- Meanwhile do the washing up. I had only three pieces.

My washing up, only 3 pieces

Then cool on a rack until they are only just warm or at room temperature.

one-bite cinnamon puffs cooling on a rack

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10 thoughts on “One-Bite Cinnamon Puffs

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  2. Amy

    I love the idea of using a cookie scoop to dole them out. I haven’t made them yet because I just didn’t know if I wanted to make so many for just two of us. But, with all your tips, I may try them this afternoon.

  3. Kayte

    Your little puffs look so perfect. Mine did not end up so round so I was disappointed with my efforts and will need to try these again to see if I can do better as I just love the look of the rounder ones. I used powdered sugar as well, but I am going to try to find those little sugar pearls to try sometime soon. As always, your photos are so nice…the process photos you made are so helpful, thank you. Great job on these.

  4. Barbara

    One-Bite Cinnamon Puffs – das klingt schon richtig gut! Und die Idee mit dem Eisportionierer ist klasse. :-)

    So kleine Brandteig-Hapse mag ich auch gerne. Man kann sie auch super einfrieren und dann spontan mit Eis, Sahne, Kompott o.ä. füllen.

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