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WHB #156: Three Year Anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging

WHB #156

With the 156rd edition of Weekend Herb Blogging 27.04.2021 ** we celebrate the 3 Year Anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging and a change. After three busy herb blogging years Kalyn gives the headquarter of Weekend Herb Blogging to


I began to blog about herbs since the 20th edition of WHB 27.04.2021 ** and Kalyn entrusted me the round-ups for WHB #68, WHB #86, WHB #102, WHB #119 and WHB #148. It was fun to do this, I learned a lot about herbs and plants around the world and met great people like Haalo. I agree, she’s a great blogger. But since my kitchen renovation last year I participated this great event less regular than the first two years. So this WHB-entry will be the last for for a while. Like Kalyn I can’t keep up with all the things I’m trying to do.

This week I prepared a

Cheese Leek Quiche with Parsley Gremolata Bild

Cheese Leek Quiche with Parsley Gremolata

Gremolata is a chopped herb condiment, typically made of garlic, parsley and lemon peel. In this case the garlic is substituted with walnuts. Normally a gremolata is served with meal, but in this case it is also a nice accompaniment to the quiche.

It’s just a quiche, I already posted a similar recipe, but here’s the way to do the gremolata.

Wash and dry one bunch of flat leaf parsley and chop. Add 50 g chopped walnuts and the finely grated peel of one lemon. Mix and serve.

Thanks Kalyn for your great event, I’ll see you and the other herb lovers at Haalo every now and then. And also thanks to Haalo for continuing Weekend Herb Blogging.

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** 27.04.2021; no longer available