Waiter, there’s something in my…Germknödel (yeast dumpling)

Joanna, the passionate cook chose dumplings for this round of Waiter there’s something in my …. I have to admit, that in Northern Germany the only dumplings we eat are sweet or savoury semolina dumplings. I’ve made the sweet version in buttermilk soup or elderberry soup, two typical dishes for Schleswig-Holstein. Our dumplings have no filling. This time the rules are very strict. Austria is an authority in dumplings, so I used an Austrian cookbook. I bought it when I went by bicycle from Passau to Vienna, ages ago.
There is a chapter called „Es muss nicht immer Fleisch sein!“ That means that it is quite common to serve a meatless dish, e.g. sweet food as a main course. As a German at first you have to do a language course in Austrian German to cook this dish: Germknödel mit Powidl, Mohnzucker und Vanillesauce. That means yeast dumplings (no dampfnudle) with damson cheese, poppy seed sugar and vanilla sauce. Joanna had already explained it. My children liked this dish, when we spent our holidays in Austria. It’s not a dish one easily forgets, says Wikipedia. I served it for lunch and the children were happy!

Germknödel – yeast dumpling with Powidl & sweet poppy seeds

Germknödel with Powidl & sweet poppy seeds 003 Germknödel with Powidl & sweet poppy seeds 004

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Title: Germknödel with Powidl & sweet poppy seeds
Categories: Dumplings, Austria
Yield: 10 Small dumplings


250 grams   All-purpose flour
8 grams   Fresh yeast
25 grams   Butter, melted
25 grams   Icing sugar
30 grams   Sugar
125 ml   Milk, room temperature
75 grams   Powidl
40 grams   Poppy seeds
25 grams   Icing sugar


978-3800090150* Eva Bakos
Mehlspeisen aus Österreich*
ISBN 3-8000-9015-5

  Edited *RK* 06/25/2007 by
  Ulrike Westphal


Make a depression in the flour and give the half of the lukewarm milk, the sugar and the crumbled yeast. Use a fork to gently mix them with some of the flour until you get something that looks very much like an old vulcano that has a grey, muddy sea in its crater. Let the bowl (covered with a kitchen towel)
rest at a warm place for about 10 to 15 min.

Now add the egg, salt and the rest of the milk and knead this for a while. Cover and proof for about an hour.

Germknödel 001 Germknödel 002

Form 10 dumplings and press a hole in the middle of each dumpling. Fill each hole with a teaspoon of powidl. Close the hole thoroughly, otherwise the filling will run out. Place the dumplings with the seam downwards on the worktop with some flour on it. Cover the dumplings and let them rest 15 – 20 minutes.

Pop the dumplings in some boiling and salted water and simmer them for 15 -20 minutes. Meanwhile grind poppy and mix with the sugar. Turn once and poke the dumpling with a wooden skewer. They are done, if the wooden skewer comes out clean.

Place two dumplings on a plate, sprinkle every dumpling with a teaspoon ground poppy sugar. Serve immediately with warm vanilla sauce.


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4 thoughts on “Waiter, there’s something in my…Germknödel (yeast dumpling)

  1. Chris

    Uh, Germknödel hab ich als Kind geliebt und jetzt tatsächlich mindestens seit 15 Jahren nicht mehr gegessen… Mir läuft gerade das Wasser im Mund zusammen! ?


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