WHB #42: Rosemary Flatbread

This week Paz from The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz does the recap of Weekend Herb Blogging created by Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen. This week we are „childless“, they went on their summer holiday. My husband invited me to an outdoor restaurant, where I had some very delicious Rosemary Flatbreads. I intended to duplicate them.

Rosemary 004

Rosemary is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves, which grows unscathed by slugs in my garden. Rosemary is a versatile herb, which should be used very careful. Springs should be removed before serving. Rosemary gives a lot of dishes a Mediterranean touch. So with my

Rosemary Flatbread

Rosemary Flatbread

It tasted exactly as expected. I was successful to duplicate Greenfields‘ flatbread.

-==== REZKONV-Recipe – RezkonvSuite v1.2

Title: Rosemary Flatbreads – Focaccia al Rosmarino Button German
Categories: Bread
Yield: 2 Flatbreads Ø 24 cm

Rosmarin Focaccia

200 grams Flour type 550 or -AP
32 grams Olive oil, 40 ml
12 1/2 grams Fresh yeast
1 1/4 teasp. dry yeast
125 ml Milk
1 sprig Rosemary, finely chopped
1 teasp. Salt

============================ TOPPING ============================
Coarse sea salt
2 Teespoons olive oil

============================ SOURCE ============================
— Edited *RK* 07/21/2006 by
— Ulrike Westphal

Dissolve the yeast in 3 tablespoons of the warm milk, add 70 grams
of flour and add enough milk to form a small bowl. Set aside and let
rise, covered with plastic wrap, at warm room temperature for 1/2

Add the remaining milk, olive oil, salt, half of rosemary and
remaining flour and knead by hand until smooth. Divide the dough
into to halves.

Preheat oven to 225 °C.

Press dough flat into generously oiled pizza pans Ø 24 cm. If the
dough resists going into the whole pan, cover it with a damp cloth
and let it relax for 15 minutes before trying to stretch again.

Drizzle each piece of dough with 1 teaspoon olive oil and sprinkle
evenly with remaining rosemary and coarse salt. Poke the dough with
a pastry docker or a fork and wait until the oven reaches 225 °C.

Bake until focaccias are golden brown and crisp about 15 minutes.

Cut each into 6 pieces and enjoy still warm.


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4 thoughts on “WHB #42: Rosemary Flatbread

  1. texmex (Gast)

    in english the recipe is easier to understand. Definitvely ok to read german for recipes, but important details may be missed.

    I put 5 wgrops of rosmarin 1.8 instead of real rosmarin leafes

  2. kalyn (Gast)

    I love rosemary, and yours looks very healthy. There’s a fabulous restaurant just about a mile from my house that serves rosemary flatbread with a dip of chopped roasted tomatoes with garlic and then some roasted goat cheese in the center of the tomatoes. It is absolutely fantastic. If I had to guess I’d say they roasted the tomatoes and garlic for a while at high temperatures (since this place also has brick-oven pizza) then added the goat cheese and roasted a few minutes until it is slightly melting. You dip the flatbread in and you’re in heaven.


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