Whole-Rye and Whole-Wheat Bread

Yesterday I explained how easy it is, to handle and maintain a rye sourdough. So this is the bread I made with the sourdough.

Whole-Rye and Whole-Wheat Bread

Whole-Rye and Whole-Wheat Bread

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Title: Whole-Rye and Whole-Wheat Bread
Categories: Bread, Rye-sourdough
Yield: 2 Breads

=========================== SOURDOUGH ============================
250 grams Whole-rye flour
208 grams Water
13 grams Mature sourdough culture

============================ FINAL DOUGH ============================
500 grams High-Gluten flour; F.e. Allinsons very strong bread-flour
250 grams Whole-wheat flour
472 grams Water
18 Salt
1 teasp. Yeast, dry
458 Sourdough; not all of above

============================== SOURCE ==============================
978-0471168577 *

Jeffrey Hamelman
Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes *
p. 195
— Edited *RK* 12/14/2005 by
— Ulrike Westphal
1. SOURDOUGH: Prepare the sourdough and ripen for 14 to 16 hours at

2. MIXING: Add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl. In a spiral
mixer, mix for 3 minutes on first speed, and 3 minutes on second.
The bran particles in the whole-wheat flour have a slight puncturing
effect on the developing gluten network, so an additional 15 to 30
seconds of mixing on second speed may be necessary for proper dough
development. Desired dough temperature: 78° to 80°F


4. DIVIDING AND SHAPING: Divide the dough into 1.5-pound pieces;
shape round or oblong.

5. FINAL FERMENTATION: 50 to 60 minutes at 78° to 80°F

6. BAKING: With normal steam, 237 °C/460°F for 15 minutes, then
lower the oven temperature to 225 °C/440°F and bake for 20 to 25


The presence of whole-wheat flour in this bread adds a flavor note
that would be lacking if all white flour were used. The whole-wheat
flour also makes the loaf somewhat denser. At the same time, the
combination of the whole wheat along with the acidity rye makes a
bread with good moisture retention and good keeping-qualities.

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