Show us your … spice collection

Show us your ... spice collection
Gabi from The Feast Within asks fellow bloggers: Show us your spice collection. Although I got a new kitchen last year, the spice shelf looks nearly the same than in the old kitchen. Most of my spices I store in the cupboard above the cooker hood. I use jars from a discounter, I refill them with herbs and spices from other companies. My husband constructed the shelves to fit into the cupboard.

Gewürzregal 001 spice collection Gewürzregal 002

Those jars, which don’t fit into the shelf I store in another cupboard or in a drawer.

Gewürzregal 004 Gewürzregal 003

New to my supermarket are herbs and spices from Mc Cormick. I used a dash of their Portuguese Ground Piri Piri * (Cayenne pepper)to flavour the

Bell Pepper Gratin

Gewürzregal 005

I made a similar recipe nearly three years ago. Meanwhile my children love vegetables and hot spices. Times have changed, the sense of taste too.

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  1. ostwestwind

    Die Musterdöschen gab es als Belohnung für die Besichtigung des Salzbergwerkes in Berchtesgarden…, so hat jeder sein individuelles Salzfässchen für das Frühstücksei.


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