Special WHB Tell Us Your Very Favorite Herb: Parsley


Photo courtesy of Gernot Katzer’s Spice pages

There is no doubt My Very Favorite Herb is parsley. This herb is versatile.

You can use the leaves and the root. The flat-leaved parsley has a better taste, the curley-leaved parsley has a milder taste and is often used for garnishing. I always use the flat-leaved parsley as a substitute for cilantro and in all dishes it worked well. I have to admit, I only like the coriander seed, but the cilantro leaves could remind of parsley, but the taste doesn’t.

For the WHB #51 I replaced the mint with parsley and got Courgette, potato & parsley frittata. Parsley was great in this. If you serve green beans you accompany them with savory, but parsley does it also very well for a typical dish from northern Germany: Birnen, Bohnen and Kassler – Pears, beans and smoked pork chops. I searched my blog for parsley and got 14 dishes where I used parsley and 17 for Petersilie. I used it in German dishes and oriental style dishes.

I’ve featured parsley for the WHB #25 with Parsley Potatoes.

Parsley Potatoes 002
I love this very simple dish since my childhood which is the best recipe to enhance the taste of parsley.

One thought on “Special WHB Tell Us Your Very Favorite Herb: Parsley

  1. Kalyn (Gast)

    Great post
    What a great post about the glories of parsley. I do like it a lot, but not quite as much as my very favorite. Oh well, I predice that neither of our choices will be the „winner“. No matter. They are all winners.

    How perfect that my brother made a header just for your choice.


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