WHB #90: What to do with red currants?


This week Chris from Mele Cotte is hosting the 90th edition of eekend Herb Blogging 27.04.2021 **W. My co-worker gave away a 5-liter-bucket of red currants and I asked my family: What to do with red currants? The – not surprising – answer was: red currant ice cream. I saved some berries for the ice cream and with the rest I cooked

Red Currant Syrup

red currant syrup 001

The recipe is easy: Mash 1 kg red currants with 750 g sugar, let rest overnight in the fridge. Let drain at least for 1 hour and bring the liquid to the boil. Remove the foam and fill clear liquid into bottles.

Red Currants are a member of the gooseberry family. Redcurrant fruit is slighty more sour than its relative the blackcurrant, and is cultivated mainly for jams and cooked dishes, rather than for eating raw. In Germany it is also used in combination with custard or meringue as a filling for tarts. And red currants are the main ingredient of Rote Grütze – red fruit jelly, a speciality in the north of Germany.

more recipes with red currants in English: Plum & Red Currant Jelly, Summer Pudding, Buttermilk Jelly with Red Currants, Cumberland Sauce

and in German: Was tun mit roten Johannisbeeren? roter Johannisbeer-Fruchtaufstrich, Johannisbeer-Schnitten, Johannisbeer Muffins, Ribiselschnitten

more recipes and entries in English

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4 thoughts on “WHB #90: What to do with red currants?

  1. johanna (Gast)

    bei uns daheim gabs auch immer ribiselsaft. so heisst das auf gut oesterreichisch. geliebt hab ich auch die ribiselschnitten. biscuit mit ribisel und ganz viel zuckersuessem eischnee. meist soviel schnee wie schnitte. lecker! das hab ich selbst noch nie hingekriegt, vor allem, weil hier 100g johannisbeeren locker £3 kosten ;-)

  2. kalyn (Gast)

    What a beautiful color. I bet this would taste wonderful in ice cream. I’m not sure if I’ve even tasted red currants. I don’t think we have them here. Fun learning about something new.


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