Baking with Julia: Irish Soda Bread

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I always recommend to read the whole recipe before doing it. I followed my own advice and stumbled on the long baking time, the extra kneading and baking temperature. I already baked an Irish Soda Bread from Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes*which has a different kneading method, baking temperature and period. So I consulted the book Ballymaloe Bread Book*, I brought from Ireland 4 years ago.

Hamelman* and Tim Allen* agree on kneading method, baking temperature and period, so I adapted the recipe according to their recipes. We are still no huge fans of flavours in breads, so I opted for the plain version.

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread - Baking with Julia (2)

The left overs from „Abendbrot“ were still good the next morning for breakfast.

I finished the bread in 40 minutes and it was done.

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Irish Soda Bread - Baking with Julia (3)

Baking with Julia The hosts of this recipe are Carla und Cathleen
Both published the recipe or buy the book * to get it.

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14 thoughts on “Baking with Julia: Irish Soda Bread

  1. Ascentive

    Great looking bread
    Just came across this fabulous Irish bread.

    I love to try new recipes and miss having good bread here in the States.

    Hope the book is also available for the ebook :)


  2. krissy (Gast)

    Don’t you love home baked breads? Especially warm out of the oven. Your photo with the sliced bread is delicious looking. Very nice post…I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  3. Jutta (Gast)

    Davon hätte ich jetzt gerne eine fette Scheibe mit fingerdick Butter drauf.

    Sag mal, machst du das immer, dass du die Kerntemperatur misst, um feststellen zu können, ob das Brot durchgebacken ist? Und klappt das auch immer? Dann würde ich es mir auch angewöhnen, kürzlich hatte ich nämlich eine Fuhre Brot, die knapp an der Grenze zum Klitsch war.

  4. Margaret (Gast)

    Ok. Maybe not TONS of buttermilk, but two cups seemed like a lot.

    I didn’t knead any longer than called for and it came out beautifully. And yes, it was just as good for breakfast as they were the afternoon before.

    Good bread.

  5. Omma (Gast)

    Das hat aber nichts mit „Pizza rustica“ zu tun, oder bin ich schon so deppert, dass ich nicht mal mehr einen Link richtig anklicken kann?


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